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Facts and Questions

FAQs about Dribblebuster dribble bibs

Q. Why should my baby wear a Dribblebuster dribble bib?
A. Dribblebuster baby bibs are a unique shape, which has been proven to catch dribble and keep baby drier for longer. The fabrics used for Dribblebuster bibs are carefully chosen to complement modern baby outfits.

Q. How do the Dribblebuster bibs fasten?
A. All Dribblebusters have two poppers, which enables adjustment as your baby grows.

Q. Do the dribble bibs keep their shape?
A. Dribblebuster bibs are made from a double layer of high quality cotton fabric and they wash and wear very well.

Q. Do you sell other types of baby bibs?
A. Yes, we have other types available and they will soon be available to buy on the Dribblebuster website.