Pink Baby Sleeping Bags SALE!

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Pink baby sleeping bags are excellent quality French cotton pique pin dots with a soft jersey cotton lining.

They are 2.5 tog and perfect to keep baby snug and warm.

Suitable for babies from 10 -18 lbs up to 68 cm height from 0 to 6 months. Machine washable at 30 degrees

Give yourself and your baby a good night’s sleep with these delightful baby sleeping bags which provide comfort and warmth with no need for additional bedding. Baby sleeps safer and warmer with no sheets or blankets to wriggle under. The sleeping bags also prevent baby’s feet being trapped between cot bars.

Your baby will wake up warm and therefore be more likely to go back to sleep.

Your baby cannot slip down inside the sleeping bag; sheets, blankets and duvet’s can go over baby’s    head.

Your baby can kick and wriggle contentedly and does not feel constricted.

When travelling or in strange surroundings, your baby will always feel comfortable in it’s own sleeping        bag.

Easy zip designed to make changing your baby easier.

Made in Great Britain.




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