New Gorgeous Dribble Bib Designs

Dribble Bib Designs

Teething babies definitely create a lot of dribble! Sometimes it can feel as if your baby has turned into a dribble factory. It’s not just on their face, either. It runs down into their clothes and makes them wet and uncomfortable. Their skin can become chafed and sore if left and dribble can cause a nasty rash (dribble rash), so to prevent this you find yourself spending the whole day changing them into new clothes. But there is another way with our new gorgeous designs from Dribblebuster bibs.

We give baby some extra help whilst teething, so do take a look at our Dribblebuster bibs. We have developed bandana style bibs for teething babies that are made of soft fleece-lined cotton, absorbent enough to protect clothes, and soft enough to keep babies’chin rash free. They come in a lovely selection of vintage and new Liberty prints, so your baby can be stylish even when teething. You’ll need several teething bibs (most mums recommend three: one on, one in the wash, and one to change into), so choose either three the same, in a pattern that will match several outfits, or mix and match to suit any occasion.

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Shown here is Queue for the Zoo.

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