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Feb 3 2015

Anyone with a baby will know that eating time can be much like feeding time at the zoo! Food particles can end up in places you would never have thought possible, as well as covering the entire face. If you combine this with a baby who is teething, you are just asking for disaster!

clever-design-awardAt these times, it is a good idea to bring out some preventative measures in the form of teething bibs, which can help relieve pain while keeping your baby clean. There are a wide range of bibs for teething babies at in a variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes. Make dribbling and meal time tantrums a thing of the past with these award winning bibs for babies. No one likes to see their baby suffer and with the teething bib you get two options for the price of one.
Your baby will love the vibrant colours of the teething bib designs and you will be happy to see a happy and content baby. View our bandana dribble bibs today and discover the variety of options available to ensure your baby enjoys feeding time as much as you would like and you get some peace and quiet to enjoy your own meal.

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