loved-by-parentsBandana baby dribble bibs for teething babies from Dribblebuster are the very best that you can buy for your baby. But don’t just take our word for it, Dribblebuster has won many accolades for their unique bandana teething bib including being listed in the Daily Mail within the “10 of the best healthy baby products”, and very recently winning the GOLD award in the ‘Best Feeding Accessory’ category at the ‘Loved By Parents’ awards.

Dribblebuster bandana teething bibs are made from gorgeous 100% cotton and have a soft fleecy absorbent backing that is kind to baby’s skin. When your baby is teething he/she is more likely to dribble food or drink onto his/her skin. Wearing a bandana teething bib from Dribblebuster will ensure that all dribble is kept away from baby’s chest, as the innovative design of their bandana teething bibs means that any food or drink spillage is caught within the bandana so keeping his/her clothes and skin 100% dry. Traditional bibs allow liquid or food to seep through onto baby’s clothes which can irritate his/her skin.

Liberty Bandana Dribble BibsNot only are Dribblebuster bandana teething bibs the perfect solution for teething babies at feed time, but they are totally practical for busy mums as they wash beautifully at 40 degrees and look good as new after every wash!

Dribblebuster bandana teething bibs will look simply adorable on your baby as they are available in in a wide range of colours and patterns including Liberty prints for those yummy mummies who like to follow fashion trends.

Visit for full details of their range of bandana dribble bibs for babies and their other great products and special offers.