Babies start to dribble a lot, long before the teeth actually appear in most cases. However, some babies are actually born with a tooth! So a set of dribble bibs is a very useful new baby gift for parents to be well prepared for this. Dribble rash, which is caused by the wetness from dribble is very unpleasant and Dribblebuster bibs help to prevent this by keeping baby dry.

Award Winning Bibs

Our award winning teething dribble bibs for babies are now available in a large selection of designs and colours. They are made from very soft cotton fabrics. The ultra soft fleecy backing is also 100 per cent cotton. This backing absorbs the dribble and keeps baby clean and dry.

Waterproof bibs.

We do not make our bibs from waterproof fabric purely because that would allow the dribble to go onto the baby’s clothes as the bib would not absorb it. Also, the fabric is not so soft. They are made from different fabrics that are not 100% cotton. We pride ourselves on the fact that the nature of our fabric absorbs the dribble yet keeps it away from baby. Our ultra soft backing fabric is specially manufactured in the UK. Our bibs are great for babies with allergies.

We have teething bibs for girls and teething bibs for boys. Here are a couple of our designs shown on our lovely baby boy and baby girl models. All our bibs are made from 100% cotton and have an ultra soft backing. They fasten with adjustable poppers to last and last as baby gets bigger. Keep them looking pristine and in great condition by ironing while damp after a 40 wash. They will last for years and can be handed down from one baby to the next.

Long Sleeved Bibs

Once baby is taking solids and starts feeding themselves it is definitely a must to have a bib that has long sleeves so clothes are completely protected. We recommend Silly Billyz as they are easy to put on and are easily washed and dry with the fleecy front.