If you consider yourself to be a ‘yummy mummy’ and like your baby to be fashionable much like yourself, then the Dribblebuster range of Liberty Print bandana dribble bibs will be the perfect choice to help your baby look adorable and to keep him/her protected from unfortunate food or milk spills.

Bandana bibs from Dribblebuster are the perfect bib for teething babies as they are made from gorgeously soft 100% cotton and their unique design ensures that any spillages remain away from baby’s clothes and delicate skin. These teething bibs wash fantastically at 40 degrees for easy maintenance and look as good after 20 washes as they did the very first day that baby wore his/her Dribblebuster bandana teething bib.

Gustav and Otto bandana dribble bibThe range of Dribblebuster bandana teething bibs in iconic Liberty prints will give your baby a very cute and adorable look that is quintessentially English and never goes out of fashion.

There are 30 Liberty prints to choose from and Dribblebuster has recently introduced 6 new prints from the Liberty Spring 2013 collection including the simply delightful Jolie Rose which is based upon children’s art drawings, Katie & Millie, Speckle, Saeed and Quartz which are reminiscent of more traditional Liberty Prints of tiny floral designs and Gustav & Otto which showcases spirals and curled patterns inspired by Gustav Klimt’s paintings blended with sculpted creatures from Otto Wagner’s buildings.

These gorgeous Liberty Print bandana teething bibs from Dribblebuster for babies are a very reasonable £9.99 and at that price, you can afford to choose more than one print.

Visit www.dribblebuster.co.uk for full details of Liberty print bandana dribble bibs for teething babies and their other great products and special offers.

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