When I went to LEGOLAND it was a really breath-taking experience. I particularly enjoyed all the rides especially The Dragon roller coaster. The barrel ride in water “Vikings’ River Splash” is extremely exciting as well. Be prepared to get a bit wet! There is also a wide range of snack stops as well to get hot dogs, drinks, ice creams or even sweets at the Sweet Stop shop! Another big hit is the LEGOLAND Driving School, where you drive a car around real roads with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and cross roads. Watch out for all the other Learner drivers who are sharing the road with you. And at the end of your drive you even get a driving license.
The extensive model village “Miniland” made out of Lego is awesome with working models, trains, cars, ships etc. Various countries of the world are themed with their particular buildings of interest.
• Don’t go to Drench Towers on a cold day, the water can be cold.
• If you want to go again, go back the next day for just £5
• Plan your visit to avoid long queues
• Go to popular attractions first. e.g. The Dragon, Driving School
• You can get to LEGOLAND and through the entrance before its opening time, but they don’t open the main gates to the attractions until the opening time.

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