One of our Baby Bibs feature the ‘Queue for the Zoo’  Liberty Print – designed by OK David.  Perfect for baby on summer outings, its really fun because on looking closely at the design, all sorts of funny little delights are revealed.  Can you spot them?  find out more about these hidden secrets in the Queue for the Zoo design here.  OK David is a top Fabric Designer – his work is delightfully frivolous and colourful.  He likes to use pictures to tell stories – they often show movement and flight – they often show creatures.  We love the way that he has hidden little secret gems in the design of the zoo animals – such as the wrist watch wrapped around one of the elephant’s tusks!  Can you spot any more?

Hdden Little delights in Queue for the Zoo Liberty print Bib images

Competition Question: Which Animal is wearing Boots?

The lucky winner will receive a lovely Queue for the Zoo Bib! 

(Winning entry will be announced at the end of the week – Sun 7 August 2016)

Answer here quoting QFZ

Have you spotted Little Delights in Liberty Bib Queue for the Zoo?

Our Queue for the Zoo Liberty Print bib looks such fun and will be delightful addition to your baby’s attire – even if you are not queuing for the zoo today!  It  has proven to be one of our best sellers and we hope it will be around for quite a while to come.  We think you will love our range of Bandana Baby Bibs – they are full of fun design as well as being beautifully made.

Our Bandana Bibs are:

  • Hand-Made in the UK
  • Fully Absorbent
  • Very Durable and keep their colour and shape after many washes

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Que for the Zoo Liberty Print Bib - Full of hidden Delights