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Jan 20 2015

Q: What are the best dribble protectors to use when your baby starts teething?

A: Teething bibs from Dribblebuster, of course!

Dribblebuster’s bibs for teething babies are bandana-style bibs in soft cotton with a fleecy backing. They are highly absorbent, and catch the dribble from your poor teething baby before it has time to run down and soak their clothes, and make them wet and uncomfortable. And when the teething bib itself is soaked? Just remove it and replace with another! It is, after all, no hardship to choose several of Dribblebuster’s beautiful bibs. Most mums recommend buying three or so, but it’s pretty clear that your difficulty is likely to be only choosing the recommended number, and not buying every single design.

Toms Jets Bandana Dribble BibWhy? Because Dribblebuster uses a selection of beautiful and traditional prints to make their teething bibs that will look good with any outfit. Choose a selection of different designs to match any outfit, or make your life easier by simply buying several in one pattern, so it doesn’t matter if you have to change it.

For more information, browse the selection of bandana dribble bibs available on the website, email [email protected], or call 07802 201063 or 0844 664 3663.

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