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Nov 10 2013

When your baby starts to crawl, you’ll feel proud and delighted – but perhaps not for long! Suddenly your baby can reach places and things that they couldn’t before. Their teething bib keeps getting caught under their tummy, and the knees of their cute trousers or pretty tights are grubby and worn from continual trips across the floor. What can you do to protect their knees and clothes from wear and tear?

Big Protection for Little Knees

Dribblebusters have the answer…….  Huggalugs, funky, colourful legs warmers that protect your baby’s knees and keep their legs warm without the bother of extra layers – a great bonus when they’re older and start potty training. Huggalugs are made from 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Spandex, so they are stretchy and durable, and there are many designs to choose from – including designs with pretty picot edging for girls. They can be worn as arm warmers too, and are made with a wider cuff at one end to fit comfortably on the thigh or upper arm. Dribblebusters also produce bibs for teething babies, so for the latest offers and news on their teething bibs, Huggalugs and other products, visit their blog today.

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