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Feb 19 2014

Teething babies definitely create a lot of dribble! Sometimes it can feel as if your baby has turned into a dribble factory. It’s not just on their face, either. It runs down into their clothes and makes them wet and uncomfortable. Their skin can become chafed and sore […]

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Nov 24 2013

For modern mums the old fashioned terry towelling bibs are a thing of the past as many are now investing in ‘Dribblebuster Bandana Bibs’ that are ideal for teething babies. A conventional baby bib is not as useful as a dribble bib, as Dribbblebuster bibs made in 100% […]

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Nov 10 2013

When your baby starts to crawl, you’ll feel proud and delighted – but perhaps not for long! Suddenly your baby can reach places and things that they couldn’t before. Their teething bib keeps getting caught under their tummy, and the knees of their cute trousers or pretty tights […]

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